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Chiropractic and Acupuncture services in Bismarck, ND




BodyTalk is a consciousness-based health care system. Consciousness is what animates all parts of the bodymind, right down to the cellular level. Our innate wisdom “knows” what is going on at all levels.

The innate wisdom is responsible for all parts of the bodymind working in synchronicity.

What disrupts and breaks down this synchronicity and leads to dis-ease, are disturbances from the mind such as belief systems, thoughts, attitudes, biases, pressures from society, cultures, families, emotional

traumas to name a few. Also dysfunction in the body can come from toxins, chemicals, injuries, and traumas.

The role of the BodyTalk practitioner is to act as in intermediary between the client and their own innate wisdom. In essence, the practitioner “asks” where the imbalances are. The body will “answer”, prioritize,

and put in sequence what needs to be done.

When these areas are balanced, our health and well being will start to restore.

A natural system- no instruments or tools are used. Only techniques and light touch or no touch.

These sessions are completely relaxing, and the results and restorative processes are limitless!